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On torn, colored paper

Flipping through fashion magazines in the doctor's office the other day, I came across this beautiful ad for the Tribeca Film Festival. It is not often that you see type-only ads and this one is certainly not losing any impactfulness from its lack of photography. The vibrant colors, and loud, condensed type almost feels like its yelling at you, but, you know, in a good way. 


The ripped paper adds a cool, effortless effect, without being too much, reminding me of the torn and weathered, wheat-pasted posters on New York streets. The designers behind this campaign are Eduardo Palma (staff designer at Tribeca) and freelancers Luke Williams, Juan Miguel Marin and Avni Jain. An interview from Working Not Working Magazine digs deeper into their process and inspiration for the project.



I find one part of the interview particularly enlightening:

Additionally, I love that this campaign is genuinely rooted and celebrating the most basic aspects of storytelling. Most people don’t know this, but when multiple versions of a film script are printed, they each are printed on a specific colored paper. Similar to what you see throughout our campaign.
— Juan

Anyone who works in the film industry would, presumably, recognize this, as if the 2018 campaign is a sort-of inside joke amongst film makers and actors. It manages to be accessible and industry specific all at once.

The website includes the ripped paper and type in small doses, combined with grainy photographs which harken back to analog film and fit perfectly with the lo-fi aesthetic presented in the 2018 festival.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 10.03.17 AM.png

The posters and banners, also with minimal (but bold) type and color is so attention-grabbing. It is so simple and not boring at all, which is what I always strive for in my designs.

Alexandra Bajew